DIPPITY DOO DAH (Davisson-J 2020)

$50.00 Double Fan


DIPPITY DOO DAH (Davisson-J 2020)

Caught again enjoying a diploid in my garden. I've shared this one with several hybridizers who thought it should be introduced, so here is a fresh take for diploid maniacs in this cross of FORSYTH FLYING DRAGON x the Goldner unregistered seedling named CABBAGE BUTTERFLY. DIPPITY DOO DAH is a 8" saturated purple with a darker purple band and a wide diamond dusted chartreuse throat and midribs. Opening wide and flat with an "open" look, but not an unusual form, its value is to add Goldner plant habit and northern hardiness to existing diploid lines for something new and unique! Scapes are 34" with wide 3-way branching that allow blooms to open uncrowded making a splendid display. Approximately 16 to 20 buds per scape begin blooming in the mid to late season and sometimes reblooms. Hardy, dormant plant habit and it is fertile both ways.


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